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Company News

  • baixing group organise event

    This group building activity not only benefited us a lot, but also shortened the distance between our colleagues and made us a better team. One boat, one family, one direction, go forward together!

  • Baixing Group (Manufacturing) Semi-annual Work Summary Meeting

    From July 11st to 14th 2019, the Baixing Group Semi-annual Meeting was held in Sanming, Fujian Province. The core leaders of the Group attended the meeting.

  • Changzhou Bbetter Century Film Technologies CO.,LTD in SENC Shanghai

    June 4th to 6th , the most influential photovoltaic event,SENC (2019) was held in Shanghai International Expo Center, with more than 2,000 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world. This party show brings the most cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions for solar applications.

  • Enterprise Comprehensive Risk Early Warning and Prevention Seminar

      On the afternoon of April 20th, Lotte Law Firm conducted a lecture on corporate comprehensive risk in our group. The senior management of our group and its subsidiaries and branches, the Ministry of Trade, Quality Control Department and Finance Department are responsible for each. People attended this lecture.

  • law and policy in the enterprise" exchange forum

    On the morning of December 13rd 2018, the "Law and Policy in the Enterprises" forum was held in Baixing Group.

  • Changzhou Bbetter Century Film Technologies CO.,LTD Strategic meeting

    On March 21st, the new age strategy of Changzhou Bbetter Century Film Technologies CO.,LTD was being staged here.After 30 years of continuous development, Baixing Group has occupied a place in the Chinese new materials industry.

  • 2017 Changzhou Baixing Trading Co.,Ltd year-end summary conference

    On March 17, 2018, Changzhou Baixing Trading Co.,Ltd. held a grand final conference. Du Guizhen, general manager of the company, with all the staff attent the conference.Each employee made an exchange and sharing, summarized 2017, and set targets and requirements for 2018.

  • Training to reduce procurement costs in Baixing Group

    Based on the existing working methods and skills of the procurement departments of each subsidiary of the Group, the Baixing Group's human resources department communicated and negotiated with the procurement department managers to upgrade the purchasing skills and working methods of the procurement

  • Fire Fighting Dril in Baixing Group

    In order to improve the ability of emergency escape skills, on the afternoon of November 14, Baixing Group organized employees to carry out fire escape evacuation drills.

  • BbetterFilm Starts Stock Option Incentive Project

    In order to strengthen the core competitiveness of the company, October 26, 2017, Changzhou Bbetter Century Film Technology Co., Ltd. held the equity incentive plan special meeting, the company's senior leadership and related departments attended the meeting.Mr. Ru Zhengwei said that 2017 is a miles


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About Us

Changzhou Bbetter Century Film Technologies Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 164,734,600 yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise and an executive vice-chairman unit of the China Plastics Association. Since its establishment, Changzhou Bbetter has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of special functional films.
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