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G & D has introduced a secure digital payment solution that supports MasterCard's token service

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February 23, 2017 - G & D has announced that it has successfully completed the integration of its ConvegoHub solution with MasterCard Digital Support Services (MDES). With this integration with MDES, G & D provides a one-stop solution for secure mobile payment MasterCard publishers, not only in the development of mobile devices that support HCE (Host Card Emulation) Have a purse, and includes a third party wallet that participates in participation. ConvegoHub also supports integration with other wallet vendors that offer MasterCard Token Services.

With the popularity of digital payment in the world, MasterCard launched MasterCard Digital Support Services (MDES) to help people create more interconnected, convenient and secure business ecosystems. MDES enables publishers and traders to use the tokenization and digitization of cardholder certificates to provide similar security to EMV for each transaction. It allows the cardholder to tap on a variety of connected devices, touch or click on the digital payment, to the cardholder more secure payment options.

"We are delighted to be working with industry leaders such as G & D to take advantage of our customers' interests as a starting point, using industry-standard token technology," said Kiki del Valle, Senior Vice President, Digital Payment and Innovation Labs, MasterCard. New, simple and secure payment solution. "

"The integration of G & D and MasterCard Token Services expands our leadership as a provider of secure digital payment solutions," said Stefan Auerbach, a member of the G & D Management Committee and head of the Mobile Security Department. As a new solution , ConvegoHub provides seamless access to secure mobile payment services to MasterCard publishers and provides safe and convenient payment for wearable equipment, mobile device manufacturers and other electronic wallet suppliers. "

ConvegoHub is made up of Convego CloudPay and Convego Service Broker solutions. Convego CloudPay integrates with the MDES on behalf of the issuer HCE purse and other types of purse as the originator of the token requestor and provides an end-to-end solution for secure configuration and lifecycle management of the Wales Token Payment Card. Convego Service Broker is integrated into MDES through APIs and provides MasterCard publishers with the services they need to use the MDES token service to participate in implementing the digital wallet system. Based on the close relationship between MasterCard and G & D, MasterCard publishers can develop and deliver their own branded mobile wallet to their customers, or allow their customers to use other types of wallet.

As a standard, fully integrated, fast-to-market solution, G & D's ConvegoHub offers a variety of payment options to individual financial institutions with a single service interface.

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