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In the OLED era, Betterial touch screen encapsulation technology has new moves!

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On September 6-7, the "First China Radiation Curing (UV/EB) Adhesive Innovation Forum" co-sponsored by the New Materials Industry Alliance and the industry’s authoritative media "Adhesive Information" was held in Guangzhou. Betterial was invited to attend At this forum, a keynote speech on "Application of UV Curing Optical Hot Melt Adhesive in Optoelectronic Industry" was delivered.


In the context of the continuous upgrading of social consumption and the new wave of technological revolution, OLED is becoming the key point of the next display technology competition. The global OLED market will continue to release its vitality, and OLED large-size touch screens will become the future development trend of the optoelectronics industry. . How to use hot melt adhesive film to replace traditional oily glue and liquid glue to realize the automatic encapsulation and bonding of large-size display screens and improve the bonding efficiency and yield of touch screens is of great significance.


Dr. Xiong Weicheng from Betterial pointed out in his speech that traditional optical encapsulation is difficult to be applied to the automatic encapsulation of 60-90 inch ultra-large display screens, with high defect rate, complicated rework, and oversize. The size of the screen corners have black border areas overflowing glue or long-term use of delamination, etc. The UV-curing optical hot-melt adhesive film OCF currently in trial production and trial sales by Betterial has excellent rework effects before and after curing, faster bonding yield, and lower packaging costs. It is suitable for 15-80 inches Touch screen fit.

In the field of display encapsulation, Betterial derives anti-ultraviolet, anti-infrared and anti-infrared and ultraviolet adhesive film products, such as silicone OCR glue for automotive displays, and encapsulation products for heterogeneous screens such as industrial control, as well as outdoor transparent screens. The adhesive used for laminating, the UV curing adhesive film developed by Betterial, the process time is nearly 1/3 shorter than that of traditional materials. The keynote speech of this forum successfully attracted the attention of well-known brands such as Huawei Terminal and Sanan Optoelectronics, and expressed their intention to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation.


Since its establishment, Betterial has been deeply involved in the field of polymer functional films and is one of the leading functional film manufacturers in China. In recent years, while Betterial continues to develop photovoltaic film products, it has also achieved significant results in optical encapsulation technology. In 2020, it won the "Jiangsu Province Flexible Display and Lighting New Material Project" issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province. Technology Research Center". So far, it has applied for more than 130 patents, and has authorized 22 invention patents and 68 utility models. In 2020, it was awarded the second batch of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Ru Zhengwei, Chairman of Betterial, said, “In the future, Betterial will continue to maintain the corporate genes of technological innovation and continue to tap new market opportunities. In the OLED era, the R&D team will continue to explore touch screens, car displays, and outdoor transparency. The new technology of encapsulation film in the fields of screens and other fields extends the original dual curing, auxiliary agent coordination, optical behavior adjustment, composite structure and other technologies from photovoltaics to more application fields."

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