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New site of RND Institute

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Bbetter-Film New Material Research Institute was established in 2016. It is wholly owned by Changzhou Bbetter Film Technologies Co., Ltd and is committed to the new polymer materials, special film, high-performance film research and development.


Bbetter-Film Technology New Material Research Institute is a long-term partner of Sichuan University, It is one of the provincial engineering and technology centers. It is also a research base of Jiangsu Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Center. At the same time, Harbin Institute of Technology, Changzhou University and Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering set up doctoral workstations in Bbetter-Film New Material Research Institute. Three doctoral teams from the universities will be long-term settled in Bbetter-Film, and practice new model school-enterprise cooperation with Bbetterf-Film.



Bbetter-Film is committed to the development of green new energy. The facade and roof of New Material Research Institute are covered of photovoltaic components as power station. In 2017, Bbetter-Film New Material Research Institute will be launched EVA high reflective film, anti-UV polyester film, the new function ID card, high temperature anti-scratch bank card special film, home appliances with high-performance film and a series of highly competitive new products.


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Changzhou Bbetter Film has 28 years experience in manufacturing polymer plastic material. Our company established R&D Institute of new material, ensuring continuous research and development, innovation of film technology.
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