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PET Decorative Film

Moisture proof, solvent resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, flame retardant, super matte. It is mainly used in cabinet door, clapboard and decorative board.
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1. Introduction of PET Decorative Film

The company benefits from high technology in production line, creating the most attractive textures and wide range of colors, which meets diffrent customers tastes and satisfaction. We have rapid growth by extensive export channel of our special products in the global market. Quality is the most significant factor of success at this production line, resulted by supervision of a specialized quality and standard control unit. We have revealed significant growth shortly after initiaing our activity and have taken deserving measures to improve our products in accordance to the international standards, while taking different customers demands and tastes into consideration. The company puts strong enphasize on high-quality raw materials, quality control and modern machineries by taking advantage of well-experienced technicians. Our engineers and technicians from Germany, Japan and Taiwan contribute their expertise in decorating fields to continually improve the products quality and variety with state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques. Continuously, innovative colors and textures are being offerd to the customers by this company. Our main objective is meeting the customers requirements by delivery of large quantities at the shortest period.


2. Specification of PET Decorative Film

1. Printing: The wood grain and the other natural designs are printed on the basic printing sheets according to “Gravuier Printing Method” without limit in range. About 400 patterns ranging from wood grain, metral to abstraction are available. Color matching according to the design and the customer’s taste is possibleat this step.

2. Embossing: By covering the printed sheets with transparent layer, not only the printed surface would be protected for ever, but also it provides closer touch and natural look.

3. UV Coating: Through the UV coating process for reinforcing hardness of film surface, deco sheets obtain remarkable durability and resistance against worn-out agents.

4. Stability of Dimensions: Superb stability of dimensions against expansion, contraction and fissure due to the changes in temperature and humidity.

5. Durability: Superior resistance to shock, friction and scratch, dimensional stability to heat, temperature fluctuation and humidity, resistant to damaging by solvents and chemicals.

6. Natural Touch of Surface: With soft surface touch, you can feel the quality of natural wood.

7. Molding Power: Remarkable molding to attachments such as plywood, MDF, aluminum and steel plates at a high temparature.


Test Result

Test Method

Standard Thickness



Tear Strength (23℃,50%RH, 51mm/min)



ASTM D 1004-03



Heat Softening Temperature


ASTM D 1043

Heat Shrinkage



ASTM D 2732-98


(60°Gloss meter)


Gloss degree is adjustable due to different emboss

ASTM D 2457-97

Chemical Resistance


No appreciable change

ASTM D 543

3. Application of PET Decoreative Film

We are the manufacturer of all sorts of PVC film for the interior/exterior materials of building, furniture and home appliance. It is mainly used in cabinet door, clapboard and decorative board.


4. Packing of PET Decorative Film


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