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PIR Duct Material

PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam), also known as "polyisocyanurate", also known as "polyisocyanurate foam PIR" or "triester PIR" ". PIR is a foamed material which is reacted with polyether by isocyanate and reacted with polyether. Its physical and fire resistance is superior to that of general composite insulation material. It is an ideal organic low temperature insulation material with thermal conductivity. Small, lightweight, shockproof, adaptable, can be widely used in high-speed rail, ship, warship, medical purification and other high-demand duct system.

The main features of PIR duct materials:

The PIR duct composite developed by the company is a water-foamed modified PIR polymer material which is made of high-quality polyhydroxy compound and isocyanate. Its physical and fire resistance is superior to general composite insulation materials. It has passed GB 8624-2012 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products" B1, EN 45545-2:2013 R1 HL3, TB/T 3237-2010 fire test, An ideal organic low-temperature insulation material with low thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity ≤0.022W/m·k), good air tightness, oxygen index, flame propagation and other aspects have reached the international advanced level. Contains no harmful substances such as CFC, formaldehyde, free benzene, etc., water absorption rate ≤1%, anti-corrosion, anti-fungal, no dust removal, no slag, anti-deformation, no condensation, neutral, no use environment Bad effects and excellent strength and toughness. Compared with the traditional galvanized iron duct, the cost of construction is reduced by about 10%. Can be widely used in high-speed rail, ships, warships, medical purification and other high-demand duct systems.


The main technical parameters:

(1) Wind tunnel fire performance: non-combustible class A

(2) Core fire performance: flame retardant B1

(3) Thermal conductivity of the core: 0.022 ± 0.001 W / mK (23)

(4) Formaldehyde free benzene content: 0

(5) Pressure bearing strength: ≤ 2500Pa

(6) Core density: ≥50kg/

(7) Core closed cell ratio: 98%

(8) Sheet size: 4000mm × 1200mm × 10-40mm, special length thickness can be customized

(9) Surface layer thickness: 0.05, 0.08, 0.10, 0.18, 0.22, 0.50mm

(10) Surface bonding strength: 0.14MPa

(11) Core compression strength: 343kPa

(12) Water absorption rate of the core: ≤1.0%


Compared with traditional metal duct performance:



PIR duct

Traditional metal duct


Material properties

Thermosetting, integrated design

Metal + external insulation




Heavier than PIR ducts more than 6 times


Insulation condition

Self-insulation insulation

External package insulation material


Thermal conductivity




Water absorption

Almost no water absorption≤1%28d

High water absorption


Combustion performance

Overall duct A grade; core layer B1, oxygen index ≥ 30, carbon self-extinguishing, no droplets

Flame retardant, duct grade A; outer insulation layer B1


Environmental protection effect

No harmful substances, anti-virus and antibacterial (excluding harmful substances such as CFC, formaldehyde, free benzene, etc.)

The outer insulation layer contains a large amount of carcinogens


Airtight condition

The aluminum alloy broken bridge insulation flange is used to prevent the phenomenon of “cold bridge”; no air leakage, no condensation, no condensation water

Easy to leak at the occlusion, and easy condensation to produce condensed water


Physical properties

Internal compounding, no dust removal, no slag, anti-deformation

The insulation layer is exposed, and it will age and fall off and stratify for a long time


Sound insulation


Easy to produce noise


Product life


Short (easy to be aged and corroded)



Beautiful appearance

Poor appearance


Energy saving condition

Good thermal conductivity and low air leakage, which can save 20% of electricity consumption

Power consumption


Product transportation and installation

The installation is simple and convenient, the flanges are interlocked, and it can be assembled on the factory molding site with short cycle

Complex and time-consuming installation


Production cost

Integrated molding, no need to attach insulation layer, save labor; composite structure, high strength, light weight, saving materials. Compared with traditional metal ducts, the cost is reduced by about 10%

The insulation layer needs to be externally attached, and the air duct material is thick, heavy, labor-intensive, and consumes a lot of materials

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