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baixing group organise event

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        Team building is undoubtedly an effective way to strengthen team cohesion. However, this time the group building is a little different from the past. The former group building was a group of familiar partners having fun together. This time, a little different is that some unfamiliar partners move forward together.

On November 10, 2019, Baixing Group organized the first group building activities this year. Although everyone came from different departments, some of them could not be named, but this did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. Sitting in the car and discussing how the event would be organized and how it would be carried out.

The event was held in Jintan Baosheng Garden and was divided into 4 project types. The first is grouping. With a command from the coach, men and women are separated from each other in a large circle. One to six counts are reported. The same number is reported as a group. The group is the unit. Everyone gives the team name, writes team training, and draws the team logo , Sign the name of the member.

        The pre-match preparations have been completed, and the next step is the real competition. The first competition was "Dragons fetching water". Six teams stood behind a white line and placed a strip of mineral water equal to the number of the team in front of the white line 2 meters. Water bottle, each person can only take one bottle of water, in the shortest time to finish the mineral water bottle as the winning team. This project requires everyone to overcome psychological obstacles, be brave to challenge themselves, and fully trust partners.

       The second and third items are carried out in groups at the same time, namely "breathing power" and "toe pressure plate". "Breathing Power" is a project to promote team communication and collaboration. Each group will get a drawing of the ventilator. According to the drawing, the ventilator needs 8 people to blow at the same time. The first team to blow 5 balloons wins. . This project tests the team's ability to communicate internally. Each group has limited materials, how to reasonably allocate limited resources, and how to adjust the strategic direction when facing problems, and share the same fate. In the "toe platen" game, there are a total of 8 toe platens and a team of 13 people. The feet cannot touch the place other than the toe platens, and the way to pass the toe platens in turn forwards. This activity helps to activate the team atmosphere, promote teamwork, and strengthen effective team communication.

       The last project is the post book. The team members are lined up, and each person is equivalent to a post. The coach will show the information card to the last partner, and use his ingenuity to transfer this information to the partner at the front. When the partner receives After the information, we must quickly raise our hands and write the information obtained on the paper to the front coach. During the information transmission process, we will have some rules to restrict it. This activity needs to understand the organizational obstacles and controls in communication, recognize the benefits of breakthrough thinking, and improve the ability of students to transmit and receive information in all aspects.

From unfamiliar to familiar, it may take some time for some people, and the group building will undoubtedly greatly shorten these times, but we need more than just familiarity in life, but also the tacit understanding of the work that comes out of it, maybe it is Familiarity with working ideas may be a leap in the results of 1 + 1> 2, or the power of teamwork ...

      This group building activity not only benefited us a lot, but also shortened the distance between our colleagues and made us a better team. One boat, one family, one direction, go forward together!

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